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Welcome friends! Gather 'round and settle in. Let's get acquainted.

I go by many names, but you can call me Mimi.

As for me, everything is everything.  But not everything is So Mimi. This blog is dedicated to the people, places, and things that are. You're probably thinking, "What does that even mean"? Well for starters, its my name, a part of my identity; and something I started saying years back when something struck my fancy,. i.e. "that's Me right there".

Names are freeform to me as identifiers; a name could be used as an adjective, verb, noun, pronoun whatever in my book. I must warn you, I'm a Leo. Don't judge me (he he). I dig my name, and beyond that its short & simple enough to perfectly describe a broad range of fabulousness in general. Thanks, mom.

I started this blog because on my journey, I saw a deeper connection between myself and women of all kinds. a universal truth. We all want and deserve the very best for ourselves. In the quest for beauty, health, love, wealth, happiness, and our personal "stamp" or style, along the way, we all have to shop.

That's the common bond. Some of us adore shopping. Some of us hate it. I'm among the "love it" crowd. It's a sport to me, a part of my being. Fashion is my essence, I live for a good find, and to style fly pieces down to the socks. So I bring you this lovely blog to share with you that love in kind.

Here's what you can expect on every blog drop:

  • Info on hot sales and bargains currently running (gotta share the love!)
  • Product reviews on a myriad of health and beauty items, tutorials, and other good stuff.
  • Coverage on cutting edge trends in fashion, before they are done to death.
  • Chat on who's wearing what, (Did Rihanna's look slay or nah? Was she Mimi or Chile please")
  • My "So Mimi!" thing of the moment, and where to get it (Yaaaaass! OMG! Wanted!)
  • Props on bloggers that are making moves in fashion, art, business, and entertainment.
  • Buzz on new cosmetics and accessories that are making big waves 
  • Style tips and advice from an everyday gal from around the way, with a flair for fash.
So there you have it, internets. The raw deal. This is what I'm serving, piping hot outta the kitchen. Bookmark me, share it on your social networks (the more the merrier, right?)  and come along for the ride. Its gonna be fun. That's what style is all about, enjoying yourself and living in the moment.

Catch you on the next wave!

Fashionably yours,



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