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Friday, February 21, 2014 So Mimi 0 Comments

Don't make my legs feel sexy, said no woman ever. SockDreams is the official headquarters of hosiery heaven. Just one visit to this website, I'm sure you will bookmark it, and be stuck there for hours, loading the cart, searching through the vast variety of unique, gorgeous socks, tights, leggings, pantyhose, legwarmers, and other accessories like gloves and armwarmers.

That was that was pretty much what my first shopping experience with this store was like. A "Socking-Spree" if you will. Womp, womp. But foreals, you gotta check it out to believe it. My faves: "The Super M's", which are a thigh-high, long, scrunchy, knit sock that can really pull a boot together, or go over leggings. The "O's" are also nice, a more pared down, lean version of the M's in other colors, a different knit. Knock yourself out and have a ball (don't forget to ask for a cute sticker like the one above with your order!) My sock drawer runneth over. I give it a GirlYaaaaas! to the fifth power.


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