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Hello end of summer lovelies! When I think of fall and the cold, wet, snowy weather coming, ugh!

Y U do dis New England?

To cheer me up from those thoughts, fresh from Influenster, I recently got a free sample of Guardian Wilderness 8 hour Pest Repellent, just in time for Labor Day. (if you wanna join, read on.)

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You may not quite get the connection between all things beauty (my fave topic!) and some insect repellent, but for realz, its hard to have soft, smooth skin when its covered in bug bites. Anybody who had the fun experience of getting bit by mosquitos knows the itchy, red welts they leave behind and it ain't pretty. What's more, its DEET free, meaning no nasty side effects from poisonous substances in the formula; which is what makes Guardian non-toxic and safe to use, as it is plant based.

So all that in mind, I was excited to try it out, as I had plans to take a trip to the park by the lake the coming weekend; a perfect occasion to spray some on to fend off bugs and see an end result. So when the day of the BBQ came, I packed all the essentials and things we'd need to get the party popping, remembering to toss my the package of Guardian spray in my bag before heading out the door. I should note that this was after an obligatory last mirror glance to make sure my outfit was on point, and to check that stains from packing food to go hadn't hit my Gap white linen bow shorts and short-sleeved salmon colored tee. 

4 fl. oz., a nice size amount, enough to go 'round
Fast forward to the partay, I decided to unbox the package once we were there after we were all set up. I gave an allover spray to my exposed skin (arms and legs) and right away noticed a sweet, yummy pleasant scent, and a light, non-greasy feeling as it settled on my skin.

Then I went on about my business, which involved hungry stares at the food on a smoky grill, rocking out to some tunes on my Beats speaker on my the blanket. No grill duty for me in white shorts, thanks  (I did the home prep, made sides and unpacked supplies, that was my contribution to the BBQ).

You better believe I spritzed again with it just in case, and offered sprays to everyone there. I liked that the pump dispensed easily and didn't messily clog after use. Nice.

This is what the bottle of Guardian 8hr Wilderness Deet Free Repellent looks like on the right. And neat, they even sent along a card with more info about Guardian.
Hopefully I sprayed. My concern was, would it work?

Unboxing the goodies.

Checka-check out my super soft camo picnic blanket that
I scored from Walmart for $3 bucks. A deal, no?

So on the party went, just good food, maxing and chillaxing, from 10am till about 8pm give, for a total time of just under 10 hours. Way over the 8 hours the repellent is supposed to last. (they also have a 4 hour formula, bottle has a blue label)  As we cleaned up and packed up all our stuff, I was thinking about had much of a great time I had, and realized, oh snap! I hadn't been out there itching all night, even at dusk when the skeeters got on duty. The stuff worked! And, there was more than enough left over for another outing. It was all win, even providing repelling protection beyond its call of duty. So my overall thoughts? Would I buy it?

Bottom line:  It's effective, non-toxic/DEET free, which is a must, smells baby soft, comes in a good sized and sturdy bottle, and this brand won't break your pockets. (Get it on, $6.99) But I was lucky enough to get mine totally free, courtesy of Influenster. Check out my other reviews by clicking the "I'm an Influenster" badge on the top right of the page. If you'd like to become one too and be rewarded handsomely for your thoughts on needful things, look no further. Just drop off your email address in the inbox or comments on our Facebook page to get an exclusive invite sent to you by yours truly. Wait, why are you still reading? You can totally just sign up for your free goodies now and bother with thanking me later, I'll wait. Til' then...

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