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Wednesday, August 26, 2015 So Mimi 2 Comments

Bonjour mon amour! I've got some news leggy ladies can use. 

Most women, myself included, have traveled a long, painful, costly journey to find the holy grail of razors beginning in our teen years. The ritual of  hair removal for us is personalized and emotional.

For me, my search is over, I have found what I believe gets the job done perfectly and affordably. This week, I got a fantabulous Bzzkit from BuzzAgent with the perfect razor, The Bic Soleil Glow. 

Meet Soleil:  Buzzkit unboxing 

At first look I was wowed buy the design, cute pastel colors, and frustration-free packaging, All that before I even knew what a great value it was. But none of that prepared me for the experience I had with Bic Soleil. I had no big expectations because you see, I've tried SO many razors through the years and got "meh" results. You're probably thinking, "Girl...its just a razor...chillax", but legs are more than fleshy stilts that hold us up! I'm sure the first time you shaved and sliced yourself with "just a razor" you realized the raging, painful hell fire that burns so quickly! The horrors, amirite?

Bloodshed, dread, and a clogged drain. Not anymore!
Every girl knows what an embarrassing bummer it is needing to slap a band-aid on questionably hairless, bloody slashed knees or calves. So let's just put it out there, just any old razor won't do. All those little cuts and scrape marks ruin your skin, and just isn't pretty, unless you're into the Edward Scissorhands look. Between us, thanks to a past traumatic shaving incident I loathe doing it, and procrastinate shaving my legs if I'm not planning on wearing something that'll show them off. I should star on the the MTV series, True life: I'm half porcupine. I'm not feelin' it. Foreals.

If you're anything like me and dread shaving, you'll be ecstatic to know change is here. Thanks to Bic Soleil, razor dread and stubbly, ineffective shaves are a thing of the past! Smooth soft legs in a flash!

Fab factor: Bonus points for design. It looks sleek and cool in your bathroom, and is ergonomic. You don't need to bend over backwards using this, literally. It features a pivoting head with three flexible blades, plus has Vitamin E lubricated strips to protect and nourish your legs. Best of all there's the Comfort Shield™  head, which ensures a smooth glide that won't irritate skin. In my opinion, if used as directed, this head design significantly lessens the chance for accidental nicks or cuts.

Feelin' myself, I'm feeling myself...
Smoothness factor: Ooh la la! Yes, I caressed myself and it felt gewd. Don't judge. How else to test for leftover stubble? And nope, not a stray hair or cut in sight, and I am very clumsy when it comes to shaving, Having CTS doesn't help matters either because it makes it tough to keep ahold of the handle. But the ample rubber handle grip is wide and molded for butterfingers. My legs felt satiny soft, weren't a bit irritated, and were radiant from the moisture strips.

    Because, laziness. 
Value factor:  All win! At a totally reasonable price point, Bic Soleil Glow is a great deal; especially when you consider the silky smooth, longer lasting, and safe shaving experience you'll have compared to other less effective razors (that likely cost more). Wondering where to buy? Bic Soleil Glow is available to purchase at major retail locations like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.  Visit the Bic Soleil website for even more info (and possible coupons). Oh, and follow Bic Soleil Glow on Facebook to stay updated!

All set for sexy legs? Well, let's foam up and go! I'm off to find a high slit skirt to show off. Thanks to Bic, I'm gonna step out of the bath like Ms. Rabbit.

To learn more about BzzAgent, click the badge on the right sidebar. Tootles!

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BzzAgent and Bic. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I'm new to this Blogging Venture, still have a lot to learn, but just wanted to tell you that, I like what you've done, so far with yours, it's Awesome, Especially with all the cute little GIFS!

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback.


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