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Hi beach bunnies!

No one pays attention to their legs, 'til its summer and you see 'em all the time!

Which is why it was awesome when I found out I would be reviewing the new Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Voxbox. thanks to +Influenster! Right on time! Yessss! (To find out more about Influenster and to join, just click the green badge to the right of the page)  I got the product compliments of Influenster for testing purposes, so I can give you the scoop and spread the word. Wondering how does the "Airbrush Legs" effect look, and if its something you want? Read on and find out!

The Voxbox on delivery day. Yay!

A couple of questions came to mind about using this. What is Airbrush Legs exactly, right?  
The best way to describe it is, a bronzer and self tanning lotion that "gives your legs an instant glow, and builds into a natural looking tan." Leg make-up, if you will. Makes perfect sense now!

Here's the contents of the box. Oh look, a coupon! Score!

Some useful information I learned about Airbrush Legs:

  • It also works as a moisturizer that isn't oily or greasy and dries fast.
  • Supposedly, its "transfer resistant" so it shouldn't rub off or stain clothing. (We'll see)
  • Doesn't have a funky, chemical, strong self tanner odor to it. #Truth
  • Comes in two natural looking shades. I'm the browner shade :)
  •  There is also a spray foundation version of this for your face, which I haven't tried.

Because I'm a helpful honeybee, I decided to share with you a step-by-step tutorial of how to use Airbrush Legs so that you can get those #AirbrushPerfectLegs!

For best results:

Step 1)   Pre-use, its a good idea to prep. Shower, exfoliate, and shave (or whatever hair removal method you like), in that order before applying this product to get smooth coverage. No moisturizer needed!

Step 2)  Once the skin is prepped, hairless and smooth, apply a quarter sized dab of the product to your hand, smooth on evenly in a downward motion all the way to ankles, and rub in completely. You should see it start to blend and dry quickly.

Step 3) Allow the Airbrush Legs to set and fully dry before getting dressed. I waited about five mins to be sure it was dry. It washes off super easy with soap, water and a washcloth.  Nothing to it!  

My first impression:

At first I thought this product isn't for someone like me but I realized that I dislike the black dot hair follicles on my legs post shave, and that airbrushing is how celebs legs' appear to be flawless.  Plus, as I've mentioned before in an older post, I have eczema patches on my skin, and one of the largest patches is on the back of my right leg. From previous bad experiences, I've learned to do skin spot tests first when trying new products, so as to prevent from irritation and bad reactions. In this instance, I was fine after the spot test with this, so I proceeded.

Understandably, I wanted to know if this would be visible on my medium brown complexion, so I first swatched the color on my left leg, and left the right leg without Airbrush Legs applied to it. Then, I  photographed my results in different lighting with a side by side comparison so you guys can see if there is a noticeable difference. I think my left leg with the make-up did hide some dark spots, and it even helped mask a scar I've had on my knee since I was 15. Here's the evidence:

I decided to wear the Airbrush Legs on date night, and picked out a cute outfit that would show maximum leg. (if you got it, flaunt it, right?)  Hoping that my honey would notice my smooth, glowing legs and howl at the moon, I laid out a pair of white twill Old Navy shorts, to test the "stain-free" claim, paired with a peach boxy top I got from Gap (sold out) and some flirty peach tassel earrings. Gotta accessorize! By the way, he didn't howl, but the smile I got was close enough. 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is available to purchase at Sally Hansen's site, Walmart, and most major retailers. Don't forget to follow @Influenster and @Sally_Hansen for more beauty scoop. Tootles!

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