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Wednesday, September 23, 2015 So Mimi 1 Comments

Calling all Glamazons!

I am a rabid accessories junkie and am helpless to my addiction.  

Every fashionable gal knows that a fab outfit complemented perfectly by the right accessories is like icing on a cake.  I'd be a Sock it to Me cake if I had to be a particular baked good.  But that's just me. 

Jewelry of all kinds appeal to my sense of dramatic flair. Whether its diamonds, gold, and rare gemstones, or cool inexpensive costume jewelry, accessories are a great way to express yourself through wearable art, no matter your budget, tastes, or preference. 

Which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Personally, I dig costume and statement pieces that are edgy, chic, and quirky, but they have a little something for everybody.  There's dainty and elegant minimal pieces right alongside bold, punk, outrageous things, like these zany cigarette earrings I purchased. Here you can find everything from earrings, bracelets, sunglasses; even hair accessories and leg jewelry! Its a sparkly, girly world!

 You can find unique retro and vintage items among the selections, too. The site layout and design is just as fun as the items they offer.  It has a retro feel and the shopping experience is complemented by fast shipping, and easy ordering process, and frequent sale promotions.  A tip: sign up for the email list to get the drop on upcoming discounts to save even more so you can rack up!

Some backstory on how I became an obsessed Girlprops fan: back when I was a teen high school hip hop fiend, I saw a write up in a magazine, where one of my favorite music artists, Missy Elliot, mentioned that a cool piece of hip-hop themed jewelry that she loved and wore regularly was purchased from the brick and mortar Girlprops store at Prince St. in NYC (now closed, sadly, but the site is here to stay). I knew at that point that I would someday trek to the store location and have at it. 

The Prince St. Girlprops boutique, now closed :'(

Fast forward almost a decade later, I happened to be wondering around Soho in NYC shopping, and lo and behold, I found myself transfixed on a zebratastic sight. Glancing at the store signage from across the street, I realized I'd stumbled upon Girlprops! It was so New York! The very gaudiness of the store's exterior made my inner girlie girl scream with delight. I made a beeline inside, and found myself among women of all ages, with hand baskets overflowing with some of the most original jewelry designs I'd ever seen from wall to wall, at such great prices. I walked away super happy and have been a loyal customer since. You just literally can't break the bank, so you have every reason to load your cart.  In my book, the best shopping spree is one you can afford.

Edgy accessories galore.

Some recent purchases of mine:

Then and now, the customer service is excellent and has a personal touch, which is what I love about the "shop small" experience.  The holiday season is upon us, so keep Girlprops in mind when looking for gifts. This online jewelry boutique is the bee's knees, and I think you will definitely find something you love.  

Happy shopping! 


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