So Mimi of the Moment Style Inspiration: 1977 - 1979

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So Mimi of the Moment Style Inspiration is a feature about recurring trends in music, fashion, beauty, and art. Remember, what goes around comes back around again! #Throwback #Vintage

Hop in my time machine and ride on a fantastic voyage! Ready? Let's go! 
The destination is 1977!

See that foxy lady in the blue top? That's Mimi's mama! That's right! The woman who taught me what I know about living life and looking good! Thanks to her inherited style, I get to share those lesson with my readers here. In the beige shirt is my lovely aunt, and a family friend. 

They were stylish, chic, and fun then & now.
At that time, all the girls were head over heels for guys in that poster:  The Jackson 5!  

Who wasn't?

They were lucky enough to meet them!

The bohemian vibe of the 1970's will never go out of style....the fashion, hair-dos, and other personal self expressions of style were all reflective of changing attitudes towards politics, socialization, and conformity. Even hairstyles had underlying meaning.

Growing up in our household meant knowing the entire Jackson's music catalog, and singing and dancing along at every family function. It was always a blast.

Favorite Jackson's song: Dancing Machine!

But wait, while we're on the topic of performances, music festival season is in full swing right now, just like back when Woodstock was the place to be. The influence music trends have on fashion will not be ignored. Fashion is cyclical, after all. The casual, bohemian look reminiscent of the era is everywhere lately. Coachella alone is evidence of that. Do you have plans to attend any outdoor music events this spring and summer?


 Somehow, people managed to master Mike's
 moves, and can be seen doing them in places like Soul Train on YouTube. Just about every artist now is influenced by his style. I've got a long way to go before I'm willing to try his moves in public though! I don't think they're ready...But oh, how I love to sing and dance!  Music plays a big part for me in getting ready, while getting dressed and styling my hair and makeup.  It always sets the mood before going out to have a good time. I even rock out in the shower with my handy little waterproof Bluetooth speaker!

When you feel good, you look good, right?

I just load up the latest playlist and voila! Tunes to go! What better way to start your day...or turn up for the night. How's that for living #OffTheWall?  "Life ain't so bad at all", like Michael said. Yes, we're living in some challenging and changing times right now as a society, as they were in the 70's. Proper self-care, along with expression through art forms like dance and music helped people keep the human sanity in humanity and pulled folks through. Dig it? The same formula works today.

If this post seems kind of random to you, my intention of sharing this blast from the past, trend report, and hug of encouragement  was created in hopes that for just a moment, you will take time out of your day, toss your cares to the wind and just get down! The throwback party call-out phrase, "Throw your hands in the air and wave ‘em like your just don't care" could be a prescription for the things that troubling us all, like a cure for a tough day, in my book - one that hasn't yet been written. Writing is therapeutic for me, but more than anything, music is medicine for the soul! Anyway, I hope all is well with my readers, and if it isn't, it’s nothing a little pop & lock won't fix!

Feel free to comment below and tell me your favorite "getting ready" song! If this isn't enough 70's pop culture for you, go here and get your fix! In the meantime, stay groovy baby. Peace, love, and light from a 70's flower child,


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