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Happy spring, beauty babes!

Sunshine, short sleeves & good times are upon us! Fresh faces in sweet fragrances are in demand. It's also time to prep for summer and make sure your skin is in top-flight shape. Take a moment  to #DiscoverNewFavorites for clean, healthy skin.

Who doesn't love the clean scent of their favorite body wash fresh out of the shower, especially on a warm sunny day? Inhale the breeze...aaah! Feels good, right? 

Whether you have a full skincare regimen or like to keep it wash-and-go simple, everybody needs a good cleanser to take off oil, dirt, or make-up. 

I got the season off to a great start when I got my free #DiscoverNewFavorites VoxBox from Influenster in the mail to try and give my honest, uncompensated, original review as feedback for the company, as well as consumers.  

Peep the goods:
If you are looking to try something new I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the features of these two great buys, especially since they won't break your budget. Who says you have to go for broke to look and smell like a million bucks?

Be on the lookout for Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and Caress Love Forever Body Wash next time its time to stock up on bath and beauty products!

Before you buy, I'm giving you the skincare scoop on this season's brand new options for you to try of both of these, available now at your local Walgreens

Keep reading, to get some beauty news you can use! 

So about the products...let me just say its highly important to remember...

Knowing your specific skin type is half the battle when trying out new skin care items. Is it dry, combination, or oily? Or maybe you have sensitive skin, due to eczema like me?  Unsure? Take this quick quiz and find out! We're all different, and that's why finding what works just for you is so important to taking care of it. The skin on your face differs somewhat from the rest of your body in complexion, tone, as well as surface condition, and is most visible so we'll start there. Leftover traces of makeup are a big contributor to acne and other skin problems. Obviously, a good make up remover/cleanser is a must-have.

Go ahead, ask me what brand is my new favorite? It's Simple! (pardon the pun!)

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water worked like a charm at removing makeup and dirt, and is gentle on sensitive skin. No rinse, just wipe and go! It left my skin soft, moisturized and refreshed as you can see.
Just getting in a little face time!
The perks: This stuff is gentle on your skin. Anyone can use it. No icky residue or harsh smell, just clean and fresh skin.

Its also easy to use. After washing my face with my favorite liquid face wash, I added a few drops to a cotton pad, and gently swiped in a circular motion on my face, paying special attention to areas where dirt and make-up residue hide, like eye creases and lids.

Sure enough, I found some traces of mascara that the face soap left behind. Yuck. I was blow away when I looked in the mirror and noticed how bright and smooth my skin looked immediately after using. Simple rocks, because it does what it says, on the spot!  I was sold on it and checked out the rest of their line of face products to purchase.

I expect the condition of my skin to improve with use. Give it a try, and see for yourself!  

Moving on, Caress is a household name when it comes to bath products, and I've used other varieties of their body washes before. So I was excited to sample a new scent from them.

Here's the deal about Caress Fine Fragrance Body Wash Love Forever....

"World's First Body Wash with Fragrance Release Pearls™", and that it "Promotes a Long Lasting Unforgettable Fragrance Released on Touch". How so, you ask? They explain the way this works as  "A touch-activated technology that releases a burst of perfume every time you touch your skin, all day unforgettable feminine fragrance with rich floriental sweetness of scarlet roses and dark, lush berries." 

The draw is that it has "Up to 12 HR Fragrance Release", 

Well, they weren't exaggerating when they said its a durable scent! I dashed off to the shower and lathered up my pouf to experience Love Forever. Up to six hours later, I was still smelling very "floriental"...only by then I was slightly put-off by the resulting scent as it settled in my pores and mixed with my normal body chemistry. Nevertheless, I went about my day. By the time nine hours had passed, I was completely over the cloying-ness of it. To make matters worse, it had flared up my eczema with a slight itch and moderate redness....I decided to hop back in the shower before bed and wash the scent off my body using plain white bar soap. As I sat and moisturized post shower, I realized that my sensitive skin isn't a match for Caress Love Forever, but reflected on how wonderful it smelled during the initial wash and how soft it left my skin feeling afterwards, before the bad reaction. It didn't cause any lasting problems though, and I'm sure it can all be chalked up to my very finicky skin type. 

Bottom line:  Everything isn't for everybody. Just because it didn't do well for me doesn't mean you won't love it.  A word of caution, if you do indeed have very sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema like me, you might want to allergy-test this out on a small patch of skin before using just to be sure it won't irritate you, as I should have done. This is good practice for trying out any new skin related beauty product. You don't have to take my word for it though friends, read more customer reviews for Simple and Caress, and buy at Walgreens online and in-store. Now see why "try before you buy" programs like Influenster are so useful?

Its fair enough that I give Caress an A for effort, because Love Forever definitely does what it claims, its just not right for me per se. But I'll continue my search for a body wash that is, and keep you posted as always. Trying these products out was fun and exciting, thanks to Influenster. Anybody can join the program, registering is fast and free!  Sign up by clicking here to try neat free stuff with Influenster, where influence is currency!  You can also invite your family and friends to register, just copy and paste this link and send it to 'em pronto!  Best believe, they'll thank you later!  You can also check out what products will be in the next Influenster ‪#‎VoxBox if you are selected for the upcoming campaigns!  How cool is that?

Don't stop there! Follow Influenster, Walgreens, Caress & Simple Skincare for more!

Questions or comments? Leave em below!  

Til next time, yours truly in springtime solidarity,
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