SoMimi Reviews: Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File

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 Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File

Hey Hotsteppers!
How's goes it? Hope you are feeling as good as you look. Recently I got to try out this amazing foot file that you've probably seen by now in stores all over the place. To say that it is one of the hottest new products on the market for spring is an understatement. I'm now officially a brand new crazed Amope fan, and I suspect that if you get your hands on it, you might echo my sentiments. Here's why:

 This fantastic electronic foot file is super effective when used wet or dry. I'm talking salon and spa quality effective. I found the file to be powerful yet gentle at removing dead skin because nobody wants hurting tootsies. My feet were polished to perfection after just one use, and oh so soft! The resulting look is similar to or better than a pricey professional pedicure treatment, which the Amope amazingly cost less than. The kit comes with everything you need.

Unboxed: The Amope has arrived
I loved the ergonomic design of the device, the length of the handle prevents you from having to contort into uncomfortable positions to reach the areas of your foot that you wish to file. The aqua blue color is a nice touch, its actually a device pretty enough that you won't want to store it when not in use.  The file's roller head will need replacement every 2-3 months, and the $14.99 retail price for a pack of two is not unreasonable considering that you will not use the Amope daily. 

My first impression upon unboxing, was that the aqua blue color and rounded shape of Amope look would look cute perched atop my vanity table. I'm a sucker for great design and pretty packaging. 

Before, R. After L
I used mine first on a dry heel, so that I could measure the results better.  Because anybody who has used a manual file in the shower knows its harder to do when the skin is dry. There are two speeds, and I only used the higher speed on rougher patches.  My feet were shiny and and seriously soft in less than five minutes with minimal effort, strain or cost. Side note, Amope is very affordable and widely available for purchase at many major retailers including brand website. 

Where I live there are extremely harsh winters that leave skin dry, cracked and dehydrated, so this product was perfect for someone like me. 
I wish this product existed years ago, it could have saved me a lot of money when seasons change and footwear styles show more skin.

Rechargable, and so easy to use!
Amope Pedi Perfect comes with a charging base and plug, which you can plug into a standard outlet. It charges very quickly and is lightweight to hold. I got to try this product free to review as part of a promotion with Crowdtap as part of a sponsored campaign and couldn't wait to share my review with you to spread the word about this terrific product. Flip-flop aficionados everywhere rejoice! 

Daylight Savings has come and the first day of spring approaches. Lovers and friends will start wearing less and going out more as the weather gets warmer. Don't you just love this time of year? No better time than now to whisk away the winter blahs and embrace a renewed you from head to toe, literally. Smooth polished feet are easier and quicker to achieve than we thought. Everybody needs an Amope!

Wondering where you can get your own Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electric Foot File? Go here, or shop in store in the personal care aisle of your local Walmart, Target, or other major retailers.

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